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[30 Sep 2006|09:54pm]

we're dead, aren't we?
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Sign here please... [23 Aug 2006|12:02am]

The Major sat at his wide mahogany desk, extremely pleased with himself. He knew that the message had been brought across to the infidels, and it wasn't just a light reminder. A knock at the door to his office roused him from his revelry.

"Come in" He said. The door opened, and a general uniform soldier came to attention inside the door. "At ease. What is it you have disturbed me for?"

"Sir! Your packages are ready to be sent out. All they need is your personal touch! Sir!"

The major smiled at the mans undying loyalty. He looked down at the crisp envelopes on his desk that he had just finished sealing. He knew exactly what was in each of the two packages, and knew that the final step in his message would be the topper on his bloody birthday cake. He stood, collecting the two envelopes. He walked towards the door, brushing the soldier aside as he walked through it, gesturing to the man. "Take me to the packages, I wish to attatch these myself."

As they walked through the corridors, the Major thought of the contents of the packages. The bloody remains of the bodies they had slain earlier. Each one containing the proper occupants, going to the proper recipients. As he approached the two packages, he noticed one was leaking blood from a corner; a fitting touch. He gently, lovingly, attatched the notes to the boxes and double checked their adresses.

"They have my blessing, and my hopes that they find the Lady Integra and Bishop Maxwell in good spirits." HA! Good spirits indeed!

Response to the Major and Doc [22 Aug 2006|02:17am]

killer_habit and sacredvengeance. Posted in response to the Major and Doc. Enjoy!

Yumie stomped through the corridors, furious. Any opposing Hellsing guard who ran across her had very unfortunate timing. Finally reaching the grand doors, she burst through them like a bat out of hell. She saw everyone staring at a video feed, which consisted of a squat man delivering various gruesome punishments to clergymen. This only egged Yumie on further. She growled and advanced towards the TV, sword in hand. "YOU HEATHEN FIEND!"

Heinkel closed her eyes, resisting the urge to be sick. The images from the video feed still fresh in her mind. She had seen a lot of horrible and horrific things in her time in Iscariot. Hell, she’d even done some of them. But that…that was just… wrong.

She opened her mouth to respond, steadying her hands on the grips of her guns, but a familiar voice interrupted her. “YOU HEATHEN FIEND!”

Yeah. That about summed it up.

She edged towards Yumie. Hopefully Anderson hadn’t been stupid enough to follow her in. The insanity that he would cause upon meeting that damned vampire here would end up getting them all killed. But the safety of Bishop Maxwell took precedence over all else. Even her desire to make that damn little fat excuse for a man squeal like the pig he was…she had to protect Maxwell.

“Yumie!” Heinkel snapped. “You were ordered to remain outside of the mansion. Why have you left your post? The safety of Bishop Maxwell is at stake.”

The blade stopped a few centimeters away from the TV screen. Yumie turned to her partner and admitted sheepishly, "... I was bored." She put her sword away and walked back to Heinkel. "There's nothing going on outside. The security here is a joke! I needed to be where things are happening, to PROTECT the Bishop. I didn't want to leave him with..." Yumie jerked her head nastily towards Integra, Alucard and company. "Those vermin. "

Maxwell was seething with anger. Oh well, he was the one that wanted to bring them. At least Yumie had calmed. She briefly wondered how Yumie had ‘tested’ the security and then realized that those were statistics she didn’t want to know. They’d be cleaning the blood stains off the floor for weeks.

Heinkel turned to the monitor. “Are you trying to scare us Major?” she smirked. “Surely, you are aware of what Iscariot is capable of. Dealing with vermin like you is just another punch in the time clock for us. Rührende Exzentriker.”

Yumie laughed loudly. She had no idea what Heinkel just said, but she was sure it was insulting. She took her place at Heinkel's side, fingering the sheathed blade. Even though she had just got done inflicting her share of damage, with the head of Hellsing and this Major character near, she felt that her quota just wasn't filled. "Is this supposed to intimidate us? You fools. We are Section Thirteen, the divine judgment for God Himself! Nothing you can do will make us scared."

She gripped her sword's handle. "No. Now all you've done is incur God's wrath. Expect punishment, pagans. Swift, deadly punishment." A smile that was nothing short of terrifying broke out over Yumie's face.
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FINALLY! an update! [11 Aug 2006|11:56pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

So, we're crashing the meeting.Collapse )

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[07 Jul 2006|02:27pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Who: Alucard and Integra
Where: Integra's room; Her dreams
Warnings: Possibly OOC and suggestive dialogue
Summary: Integra lets Alucard sleep on the bed tonight. He takes it to another level and invades her dreams. Hilarity and strip poker ensues.

You're really pushing it, AlucardCollapse )


[01 Jul 2006|06:57pm]

[ mood | Deliciously Brilliant ]

Maxwell. Major of Millenium, and Masterful Meistro of Mayhem. Just walked into his stately office, the metallic scent of blood still in his nostrils. He had just returned from a very pleasurable visit to the cold, uninviting labs of Herr Doctor to check on his progress. Needless to say, and displayed by the subtle grin that was playing across his face, he was satisfied with the doctors performance.

He was, however, slightly displeased at the subpar performance of Herr Doctors soldiers in their last field test. That blessedly bloodthirsty slave of a vampire had torn through them like a 50mm through the bosom of a virgin. Max pondered Alucard for a minute, considering the beautiful wars he could fight with that beautiful beast by his side.

The small smile that had been playing hopskotch on his face suddenly turned and picked up its daggers, taking on the appearance of a devils mouth. Slowly chuckling to himself, he quietly strode through the hallways of his zeppelin towards the command deck. It was brilliant! he thought to himself. How he had not thought of this before, he did not know, but he was very pleased with himself right now.

"Soldier." He said idly to the man at the com deck, "Call my trusted Lieutenants to the deck, there is much to discuss." Yes, much indeed.

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Grey Areas [20 Jun 2006|10:39pm]

[ mood | working ]

Four guards at the door…
Six on the roof...
Five men are doing recon…
Then there are the cameras…
All entrances and exits are blocked besides the main gate…which has three snipers fixed on it and there are five heavily armed trucks ready to move out on a moments notice…

Heinkel had to admit, they were prepared. They didn’t stand a chance, but they were prepared. Too bad they hadn’t notices the agents of Iscariot who were sitting right next to them poised and ready to attack, fight and die at the moment they were given the order. These Protestant bastards didn’t have that dedication or zealousness. That’s why they would die like dogs.

She stepped into the building behind Maxwell and Father Renaldo. Ah, more men. But these men were Soldiers of Fortune, soldiers who had never faced the bowels of Hell. She nearly laughed. So Sir Hellsing wanted to fight a war with throw away soldiers? They would be scattered like a deck of cards across a battlefield. Why would this woman foolishly declare war against Millennium with such an army?

Oh, no one had formally declared war, but it would happen one way or another. That was the destiny of humanity…an endless cycle of death and war until Judgment Day. And Millennium would stop at nothing to accomplish their goals, after all, they had already survived being completely crippled and had come back stronger.

A soldier stepped in front of them. Heinkel had to resist the instinct to reach for her gun. “Please allow me to escort you to the conference room.”

Maxwell smiled and nodded and gestured for her and Renaldo to follow along. She was uneasy, something didn’t feel right in this building, but that had to be ignored. The safety of Bishop Maxwell was all she could be concerned about, and this was going to be a long meeting.

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Sorry for the late post [20 Jun 2006|12:23am]

[ mood | cranky ]

She slammed her hand down onto her desk, her teacup rattling from the shock. Her teeth bit down onto her cigar tightly as she growled. The conference was in fifteen minutes and yet Alucard and Seras weren't here yet. What in hell were they playing at? Integra sighed with frustration and sat down in her chair. She puffed on her cigar for a bit, contemplating. Their plans regarding Rio De Janeiro went smoothly. ...A little too smoothly. Suspicion ran through Integra's body as she turned her chair and stared out of her grand window. The sun reflected off of every pane, lighting up the entire room. She smiled gently but then frowned, pulling the rope beside the drapes. The soft, black fabric covered the window.

Her office dark, Integra began to brood in her own thoughts. This Millenium was a formidable opponent. If the Queen had called a conference with Hellsing and Iscariot in the same room, they had to be a threat to the country and, quite possibly, the world. Hellsing was completely for the destruction of Millenium and the destruction of its program, Letztes Bataillon like they were fifty years ago. But this sudden resurrection of the kampf gruppe was one, catastrophic slap in the face for Integra. The woman smoothed out the sleeves of her suit. She hadn't realized how long she had been lost in her thoughts until her cigar finished burning.

Integra growled and pushed down the button on her intercom roughly. "Walter!" she barked. "Another cigar and a report on the whereabouts of Alucard and Seras."

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Application time! [26 May 2006|10:06pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Okay, guys, welcome to Hellsing Krieg! This community is my procrastinatory brain child along with your other lovely mod, _scottishgentry. We have the stereotypical application for you to fill out, so do so and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We hope to start activity around June 10, 2006. By then, school shouldn't really be a hinderance for anyone, and we can all revel insanely in our fandom. We'll inform you if it'll end up being sooner or later than the proposed date. Please check the userinfo for our rules and a list of characters. Available characters won't have a character LJ next to their name.


Real Name (if you care to reveal it. More for familiarity's sake):
AIM sn (for use with out-of-community logs. This isn't a must, but it is encouraged. Like... a lot.):
MSN sn:
E-mail (for notifications of... things. We'll figure it out):

Character Name:
Why Do You Want to Play This Character?:

Example RP (just a quick test of skills. a minimum of three paragraphs, a maximum of however long you wish to make it! We like reading. THIRD PERSON PAST TENSE, please):


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